Charity Work

Each year Camberley WI selects a local charity for which to raise money.  In accordance with the rules of the National Federation of WI, this must be a charity from which our members and their families could benefit.

At our 10th Birthday Party in May 2022 we held a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses.  In total we raised £683, 50% of which was added to the £66 raised at April's plant sale and all donated to Phyllis Tuckwell hospice to develop their garden.

Besom purchases from Aldi.jpg
Besom & Your Sanctuary donations.jpg

Here is Elaine, our Treasurer, with food purchased from Aldi for Besom, together with additional donations from our lovely members for Besom and Your Sanctuary.

Some of the craft group knitted woolly hats for our local homeless shelter.  Camberley's All Night Cafe was grateful for the donation of hats and other warm clothing for their clients.

Homeless shelter donations.jpg

In September 2021 we donated £2,000 to Your Sanctuary (Women's Refuge), which was in addition to £500 donated in November 2020.  At that time we also donated £250 to Sebastian's Action Trust (who provide respite care for families of life limited children) and £250 in food to Besom (food bank).

Cake #2.jpg
Trauma teddies IMG_1106.jpg

Our active craft group have been knitting Trauma Teddies for Surrey Fire Service - the fire engines will carry a stock of these to hand to a child involved in an incident to hopefully distract them from the trauma around them.  Don't they look fantastic?

Trauma teddy photos.png
Trauma teddies IMG_1099.jpg

In April 2020, we donated £250 to Frimley Health Charity to support NHS staff in the fantastic work they were doing during the Corona Virus outbreak, and also supplied £250 in food to Surrey Heath Prepared to be sent to vulnerable families in the local area.

The craft group knitted Easter Chicks for Phyllis Tuckwell hospice.

The chicks will each be filled with a creme ege and sold to raise money for this worthy cause.


Phyllis Tuckwell chicks.png

In November 2019 we donated £100 in food to BESOM, a local charity providing food parcels to needy families.  Here are Ruth & Elaine shopping for the items...


Besom donation #1.jpg

... and here are some of the resulting food parcels...


Besom donation #3.jpg
Besom donation #2.jpg