Rock & Roll London virtual tour - February 2021

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What a great evening! London Walk guide Adam Scott-Goulding had us all tapping our feet as he entertained us with the history of Rock ‘n’ Roll in London.

Adam took us on a virtual tour of the West End where we heard about the theatres which are now home to well-known musicals or have been re-purposed as cinemas, but previously hosted performances from Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles. We saw pictures of the recording studio where both David Bowie and Dave Gilmore (Pink Floyd) failed their initial auditions – thankfully it didn’t put either of them off pursuing their dreams!

There was the tale of Ray Davies from the Kinks, being bought his first guitar for his 15th birthday by a loving sister who tragically died shortly afterwards, and other stories of the good, the bad and the moody boys of the era - The Who, The Clash, The Rolling Stones and the men who pulled the strings - Brian Epstein and Phil Spector.

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As well as entertaining stories, Adam treated us to some live music, finishing off with a rendition of Waterloo Sunset with this lovely image of the Thames!

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