About Us

Camberley WI was formed in 2012 and has over 180 members.

Membership is currently full.

At our meetings we collect the following items: bras for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice, milk bottle tops for the Air Ambulance, and postage stamps & used ink cartridges for local charity Kat Can Do.

We have a numerous smaller, friendly sub-groups, covering a wide range of interests such as crafting, walking, reading, theatre, trips, and many more.  These meet during day-time and evening, and are a great way to meet and make new friends.

The Committee

President - Paula Zymela

Vice President - Maureen Taylor

Liz Hughes

Secretary - Brenda Ross

Treasurer - Elaine Wood

Heather Walsh

Ruth Bodman

Jackie Kevany

Helen Embley

Annette Dall'Oglio

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